Disinfection (Part 3)

Pathogens are Killing People…    Are You Prepared !

If you are like me, you are getting many questions about disinfecting right now.   People are getting ill and dying from virulent pathogens(Ebola & Enterovirus), and as organizations and individuals should, they are making sure they are taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves.  

My last 2 blogs on using disinfectants, I encouraged you all to ask your customers if you are in sales, or yourself if you are a user of disinfectants, why you use the disinfectant you buy.   For the 1st time in a very long time customers are asking that question themselves!   But, while there is now a ‘panic’ in the world to protect ourselves from unseen pathogens, and assure the disinfectants being used meet the CDC guidelines…   last month when I asked a building manager about the disinfectant being used, he stated it was because he and the staff liked the mint fragrance.   And, THIS is why we need to continue to ask the question about “why do you buy that disinfectant?”.  
In the last 2 blogs, I provided a lot of information, and with all the new emphasis on disinfecting recently, I wanted to try and simplify it for you all.
#1-  Always ask the questions:  Why do you use that disinfectant in your facility?   What surfaces are being disinfected and how often?
#2-  Is cleaning gross visible soils(soap scum, urine salts, toilet residue, greases & dirt) part of the cleaning process with your disinfectant?
• use an alkaline pH disinfectant, which will have greater cleaning power.  (more killing of pathogens is accomplished AFTER the gross soils are removed from a surface, so often it is recommended the surface be wiped / sprayed with the disinfectant again after the surface is visibly clean)
#3-  Are there specific pathogens(bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.), which you are trying to kill?  
• read the chemical efficacy data to assure the disinfectant is certified to kill your needed pathogens.  Pay special attention to dwell times to accomplish the needed pathogen kill, and implement cleaning procedures to assure this dwell time is accomplished.
#4- Using Disinfectants Properly for Maximum Effectiveness and Safety:
• always dilute disinfectants according the manufacturer’s directions, or use an automated dilution control system.
• Use warm water when mixing quaternary ammonia based disinfectants
• Discard unused disinfectants daily!!
• If using a chlorinated bleach product use within 60 minutes of dilution
• ONLY quaternary ammonia products have residual surface presence after cleaning;  Bleach offers no residual surface disinfection.
• Apply disinfectants by using a wiper, which you sprayed with the disinfectant chemical vs spraying the surface first
• Paper towels and micro-fiber wipers are the best wipers to use for disinfection of above floor surfaces   
• Assure the wiper is wet enough to allow the proper dwell time for the disinfectant to kill the pathogens you need to kill
• Rinse with fresh water, any surface where a disinfectant was used where food will be consumed.  
• Rinse with fresh water any surface where a disinfectant was used, which will be exposed to children under 6 years old.

As it relates to the current deadly viruses impacting us today, the disinfectants being recommended by the CDC to kill Ebola and Enterovirus on surfaces are those, which are high potency and will kill non-enveloped viruses such as Norovirus, Rotavirus, Adenovirus, Poliovirus.   To assure you are using the correct disinfectant review your chemical efficacy data too determine if those pathogens are listed.   The Bullen Company currently has products, which meet the CDC specifications.
Now go out and make the world a healthier place and kill some bad micro-organisms or help someone else do the same!    There is some very scary stuff happening in the world right now, but we all can help keep the world a safer place, by assisting customers in developing proper protocols for addressing their disinfecting needs.
If you want more information on controlling your own pathogens, please reach out to myself and The Bullen Companies.

Jack Collins
Regional Sales Manager
The Bullen Companies