Sunday Sales Blast 9/28/14

New Airx Branding is rolled out

We are proud to announce the new site has been refreshed to show some of the re-branding that is going to be rolled out in the next month or so. It shows the curved 3-dimensional symbol that connects with the same technology the Airx products are  formulated around. You can see more of the new branding and site at:

Is Blackberry back?

I used to love, I say love my Blackberry. That was before the iPhone and smartphones came out. The freedom of checking emails where ever you were and getting work done was fantastic. The real take away is how fast things have changed in such a short period of time. It makes you think about the Jansan industry. First there was consolidation that was going to change everything, then the dot com bubble burst and it ended up a lot of that early consolidation was an effort to set up a company to go public. Now it is the big box guys like Staples and others coming and operating on lower margins. Will the typical JanSan distributor go the way of Blackberry? Stay tuned, here is the link foe the article on Blackberrys new “square cheese” size phone-

Lots of golf and football today. The Ryder cup finishes this morning live and it is tight but the USA will have to pul some big moves off to win. The late afternoon football features the Eagle at San Fran. Should be a a good day to veg on the couch!

Have a great day and a even better sales week!

Scott Jarden