Sunday Sales Blast 12/14/14

Holiday season is upon us and business is booming!

My general discussions with distributors over the last few weeks has confirmed what we saw in November at Bullen, things were slow. I guess everyone was holding back ordering because now I hear and we see with our orders in house that December is making up for November plus much more. People always need to clean, I like to say the last thing people do before they go out of business is clean and the first thing they do when business is good is clean. That was before we had all of the data about the “Value of Clean” that I have talked about in previous Sunday Sales Blasts.

Study reveals how many times you should be checking email daily to reduce stress

Checking email may be an addictive habit, but not surprisingly, researchers say the more you refresh your inbox, the more stressed you'll become.
According to a study out of the University of British Columbia, there's a cap on the number of times you should check email throughout the day to reduce stress: three.

While the average person checks email 15 times a day, the study suggests three times is the right amount to keep added stress away.
While the findings may sound predictable, the researchers are calling it the first study that looks at how monitoring email can impact someone’s well-being for that day.

The main reason for the added stress? Switching between tasks requirements realignment of attention (and emotions, related to stress, personal matters and so on) can be taxing on the mind, the study suggests.

I am going to try it this week and see how it goes, I will let you know. What do you think, give it a try?

Here is the link:

Holiday break is coming!

Only 1.5 weeks till our Christmas shut down. Get you stock order in and private labels ones for shipping right after we return to work on the 5th of January.

Eagles play the big game against the Cowboys tonight. Should be interesting to see what happens since we beat them at home last time and we are playing at our home field today.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden