Sales Blast - Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Another week and another snow storm. We had to close the plant down on Thursday based on predictions of the pending snow. It ended up being the right move. With almost a foot coming down, mixed with rain and then more snow. We will be open on Monday instead of the planned holiday for Presidents day.

Hats off to Chris Mitchell of Mitchell Associates for a multi-pallet order for Winterinse and Liquid Ice Melt! When I said in last weeks SSB that people were running out of conventional ice melt products that was before this weeks storm. Now there is even less than last week on the market. If you haven't promoted the two products with your customers please do. We have tri-folds and video links. Here is the link to the Truekleen site that has both videos and the products sheets.

Here is the bathroom on the way to the airport in Costa Rica. Not bad for a place in the middle of nowhere. My mother used to say "Never pass up a good bathroom, you never know what the next one will be like".


The concept of odor control was the hanging para blocks from the wall. It reminded me of the Fresh Herbal System we have in Airx with our RX75, RXGels and RX115 all with the fresh herbal fragrance note in addition to Airicide. It creates a synergy from each product. Here is the link for the video on the program:

One of the things we are working on while away are plans for a Airx distributor council. The group will be made up of the top distributors in the world. We will be focussing on extending our message that Airx is the leader in pathogen and odor control. The new RX Pathogen Compliance Center is one of the key products to get that message out to the end users. We will be advertising in facility magazines and other publications to generate interest and orders for our distributors. If you know of areas you think pull through media and advertising will help the line let us know. We will be announcing dates soon.

Have a great day and a even better sales week ahead.

Scott Jarden