Sales Blast - Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Well the power is still off at my house after a tree took out the telephone pole and the transformer and blocked my driveway. Can't get out or in. The good news is I am surfing in Costa Rica (see below).



We are getting lots of action on the Liquid Ice Melt as well as the Winterinse so "drip" (duplicatable, repetative, interesting, promotion) on your customers again and again. They say that it can take up to 6 times for a message to get through and register with a customer.


Here is the link on the Bullen home page that you can send to your customers:

We also have a supply of the Winterinse tri-folds if you want them to do mailings and leave behinds.


We are very pleased to announce the addition of Jack Collins to the Bullen factory sales force covering the northeast. Jack brings a lot of experience to Bullen. Here is some info:

Wednesday, January 27th, 2013

Press Release/Announcement

The Bullen Companies is pleased to announce the addition of Jack Collins to the Bullen sales team. Jack Collins brings significant successful sanitary supply industry experience to this role with experience across all product categories and with both major manufacturers and wholesalers. Jack has been a sales manager, product manager, and market specialist at the wholesale level. Unlike many of his peers, Jack also has cleaning operations management experience, thus providing a great understanding of the daily issues and problems within those roles.
Jack has been a sought after seminar speaker on Green Cleaning education and has worked with some of the largest Building Service Contractors in New England on developing strong green cleaning programs in their operations, and then consulting them on how to market their new green programs to their clients.
Jack's responsibilities will include working with Bullen existing customers in the northeast as well as driving new business to those distributors and others. Of particular emphasis, Jack will assist the distributor sales representatives with end users calls, sales meetings and seminars with a special focus on the Airx brand of pathogen and odor control products.

On a humorous note here is a link to an article about side by side toilets at the Olympics

Thats it for now, got to get back to work on testing wax in the water.

Have a great day and even better sales week ahead!

Scott Jarden