Sales Blast - Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Spring is getting close and you can tell by the number of open houses and customer focussed meetings and seminars hosted by the distributors. This is an established process for getting your customers to connect with your internal people as well as sales people, see your facility and learn about new products. As a supplier we like these type of events (not to sure about the amount of funds that are requested to attend but that is another sales blast discussion). We like them because we get to talk directly to the customer (usually a lot of them) and get our info into their hands. We also come prepared with lots of samples. At those open houses we only have a few minutes to talk with the end user so a sample gives us a chance to do a demo with the customer after the fact.

During training for our new factory sales person Jack Collins last week we talked about how samples and what I call the "Simple Sale" can work with DSR's. If you have not seen the video we posted on the Bullen site, here is the link-

Pathogen control news (who would have thought):



Health experts have always suggested teens and children to stay away from greasy fast food.

But University of Arizona researchers found an ingredient in pizza that could prevent suffering from winter vomiting disease, norovirus.

Carvacrol, a plant compound in the herb oregano, is found to be effective against the highly contagious disease.

Since the human form of norovirus is impractical to work on, the researchers carried out the experiments on the mouse form of the virus, which is considered to have similar resistance to antimicrobials and disinfectants.

Experiments showed that herb chemical directly attacks the virus capsid, the hard shell of proteins surrounding the virus, causing it to collapse. Therefore, the bugs become more weak and easier to destroy. Since the carvacrol destroys the external proteins of the virus; it is unlikely that the bug will ever develop resistance.

If you don't want to just eat a lot of pizza you can download the Airx Virus Control Manual with this link:

Have a great day and a even better sales week ahead!

Scott Jarden