Sales Blast - Sunday March 30th 2014

185 products in one brochure!

The new brand price list is in the mail! Maybe the price increase part is not exciting but the brochure is. Listing over 185 individual products it is the first time we have published all of the brand lines in one brochure. Some of you may know one or two of our lines but I am sure you will say, "I didn't know they made that product" at some point when you see it. From carpet care to automotive products to odor & pathogen control we cover every cleaning and maintenance need.

Bathroom services

Speaking of numbers we have had over 11,400 view on the Bullen Video channel. The latest one is up on our Airx Bathroom Services Program. Here is the link:

CDC iPad App Lets You Solve Disease Outbreaks

In the age of social media, we can track disease outbreaks like never before. Now, a new game from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention takes the armchair epidemiology to a whole new level.

The CDC created "Solve the Outbreak," a new iPad app, to increase awareness of public health outbreaks. If you were a fervent fan of movies like Contagion or 28 Days Later, you can put those hours of Internet research to work.

Users take on the role of a disease outbreak investigator in the agency’s Epidemic Intelligence Service and tackle three outbreak scenarios including "Birthday Party Gone Bad." The narratives are based on real events solved by EIS officers. In the game, participants also become familiar with health tips, definitions and information about epidemiology, which is a science used to investigate outbreaks and to monitor patterns, causes and effects of diseases on the public. Users advance in rank as they earn points and can post their results on Facebook and Twitter to challenge other participants.

Solve the Outbreak application is available in the iTunes store at:


To close out winter and celebrate spring I got out on the water Saturday for a 6 mile stand up paddle boarding race/fund raiser called "Freezin for a Reason" to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims. A great cause and it was quite the work out (and cold). I finished in 9th place for 50+ (they need a 60+ category), not bad for an old guy. 
Water was 45, air 45, wind 10 mph, rain heavy!

Don't forget the NJSSA show

See you in New Jersey! The NJSSA show is coming up shortly. Mark your calendars. It runs 4/30- 5/1. More news to follow.

Have a great day and better sales week!