Sales Blast - Sunday April 13th, 2014

What a great week of good weather, It was actually sunny and warm here in Philly.

Training and Sales Week

It was a busy training/sales week, Started at one of the top distributors in New England and Airx training. Jack and I covered the key products and the use of social media to help sales with new and existing accounts. Amazing how many DSR’s don’t know about Linkedin and how they can use that to locate, research and connect with potential customers. We plan on offering a sales training class that will focus on using technology to connect with customers, research new prospects, and maintain communication with existing and new customers in the future. Lets us know if you are interested in this program

The next stop was at the Americhem Equipment and New Technology Rodeo. This was a very well attended open house showcasing key suppliers as the name says, equipment and technology. Here is our little table featuring Airx products.

Pathogen Compliance Center was a hit!

Pathogen Compliance Center was a hit!

Got see Mark Warner do one of his famous infection control speeches, he makes you think the end of the world is coming but with the right products you can survive!

NJSSA and Earthday are coming

We are coming up on the NJSSA show as well as Earthday. That ties in nicely with our focus on e-clean and Sanoverde as well as new products for the Truekleen brand. Right after the NJ show we are heading out to exhibit at the ISSA Interclean show in Amsterdam. We have many international customers that we meet with there versus the US show. We also look for new developments in new technologies and products that you would not normally see in the US. Here is a mailer that our european distributor is going to use prior to the show. Thanks Benjamin for the great work!

We will be doing videos from the NJSSA show was well as Amsterdam and will feature them in future SSB’s.

The Masters is on Sunday for golfers and even though Tiger and Phil are out it looks like a great final day coming up.

Don’t forget if you want to add other people to the list that get the Sunday Sales Blast just email us. We also post each one on the Bullen Blog at this link in case you missed previous SSB’s.

Have great day and an even better sales week!