Airx Training Day Summer/Fall Schedule

We are pleased to announce our summer and fall Airx Training Day schedule at Bullen with the first being offered on Wednesday, June 18th. We have moved the dates to run during the work week for easier travel planning and to have attendees here when the plant is operating.  Airx Training Day is in depth class for DSR’s to learn what makes Airx different than other odor control programs and products and how to help solve your customers pathogen and odor problems. Attendees will leave with extensive product knowledge, how to problem solve odor and pathogen issues and how to use social media, use of samples and literature to generate interest and repeat orders.

Listed below is an agenda for each Airx Training Day. For us to hold the meetings we need a minimum of 6 DSR's and no more than 18 to attend. This allows us to make it efficient for set up and planning and interaction between DSR's during training. Please confirm your DSR’s attendance with names and details on each person. We will ask for more detail later after the session is booked. If we can’t confirm the 6 or more the next date for Airx training Day is Sept 17th (Weds) with the same schedule as listed below.

Airx Training Day Details

In preparation for the meeting date we ask that the DSR’s spend time to watch the training videos on the site:

( of particular importance would be How Airicide Works, The Simple Sale, RX60, RX101, RX66 and RX75 videos.


9:00- 10:00 Plant tour, meet staff

10:00-11:00 History of Airx, how Airicide works and 3 dimensional odor and pathogen control 

11:00-12:00 The "Simple Sale" and social marketing to generate business

12:00-12:45 lunch and break to check emails, make calls etc.

12:45-2:00 Key Airx product review- RX60, RX66, RX101, Rx pathogen compliance center, RX Gel System and more

2:00-2:30 Airx disinfectant review

RX15, RX44, RX78, RX109, RX75, RX79 and RX89

2:30-3:00 Airx Services program review for BSC's

3:00- 3:15 Airx Training Test

3:15-3:30 Review test

3:30 Meeting adjourned, go sell some Airx

Materials for each attendee (Over $200 value for free)

Full Airx Product Book

1- RXPCC Pathogen Compliance Center

1 box each RX60, RX66, RX101 samples

25 each RX60, RX66, RX101 Tri-folds

25 Airx full line brochures

25  RX8.5 stick ups (Fresh Herbal)

3 RX115 Urinal Screens

3 each RX Scentinel Jr

3 each RX19E's