Sales Blast - Sunday April 27th, 2014

Last 2 weeks were big for the RX Pathogen Compliance Center. Over 40 units sold in the last 2 weeks by our Airx distributors. We also had orders for 25 of just the RX75 BSK (the one with the scoop) The significant thing about this is it allows distributors access to other parts of a facility and new people to talk to about this product as well as everything else they have to keep a facility clean and healthy. Here is a picture of the installation at a Ronald McDonald House:

It’s a long time coming but I finally remembered to take the pictures of the kit you generously donated to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. While we hope to not have incidents that require their use, it is of course great to have the proper equipment on hand”.

While this unit was donated it has allowed the distributor to place more in other accounts because of the reference.

This week we are gearing up for the NJSSA show in Atlantic City on Wednesday and Thursday. We are introducing two new products in the Truekleen brand and will be sending a email out on Tuesday with a show special so keep an eye out for it.

Thats it for now, see you all next week in Atlantic City or in Amsterdam the following week! we will be posting video from each show on the Bullen site/

Have great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden