Sales Blast - Sunday April 6th, 2014

I am writing this on a sunny Saturday, much better than last weekends rain. I don’t want to jinks anything but I think it would be safe to say (at least for the Philly area) that the winter is behind us.

I am heading out to New England Sunday for an early Monday morning sales meeting with a distributor kicking off Airx assisted by Jack Collins our regional sales manager. Jack wrote a great blog post on “More green with your green program” last week. Here is the link if you didn’t see it:

After the sales meeting in New England I then end up back in Pennsylvania for a “Equipment and Chemical Rodeo” on Thursday. It's a distributor open house featuring as the title describes Equipment and Chemicals. For the chemicals we will be featuring Airx.

In the news I found a great article on photographs of cleaners doing their work. Some of you may know that I have a degree in fine art photography and excellent photos of cleaning professionals is something I can appreciate. Here is one and the link below it:!CP11u!CP11u

Here is some info from a market study that makes me think a focus on this large but not thought about market would be a great target for building repeat sales:

Day Care Services in The U.S. Generate $58 Billion And Are Always In Demand - Even in Recessions

"There is probably no consumer service that's more emotionally charged than day care. Fully 65% of mothers with children under age 6 are now in the labor force.

Following are some findings from the Marketdata study: 

  • No company dominates this fragmented field. Competition is keen. Franchising has been limited. The top 6 chains operate just under 4,000 group day care centers and this group generated $2.86 billion in 2009 sales. This is a small share of the total $58 billion market. Knowledge Learning Corp. is the largest day care provider, with 2,000+ sites and $1.33 billion in sales. Learning Care Group is second with $595 million. Both have been very active with acquisitions in recent years.
  • In the United Sates, there are an estimated 819,000 day care facilities or sites in operation. Family day care is the most popular form of care, with 325,000 homes. For-profit group centers by large chains number 110,000, and various other facilities are run by: churches, colleges, employers, hospitals, the government, etc. They all compete for the same day care dollar.

Here is the link to the full article:

Products like Airx and e-clean are perfect for this potential customer base.

Where do we keep all of the info we find on the internet?
If you would like to see past articles that I have saved from the news we have them all up on a site called It allows you to save the links and info on websites. Here is the link to the page we have had for quite some time that we used with our podcast,

On a personal note we celebrated my Dads 94th  birthday Saturday night at my house. (his actual birthday was Friday). At 94 while not coming to the office every day he is extremely active in the business. If you are not selling our RX200 Hand Sanitizer watch out!
Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Thats it for now got to hit the road for 4 hours this afternoon.

Have a great day and a even better sales week!

Scott Jarden