Sales Blast Sunday 5/11/14

We are back from Amsterdam! For those of you not familiar with the ISSA Interclean show it is held ever 2 years in Amsterdam, NL. It draw a very large number of attendee’s (larger that the USA ISSA show if you allow the large number of local cleaning related people that attend to be counted). Around 20,000 people attend over a 4 day period. Bullen does a lot of international business and the Interclean show allows us to see those customers that would not normally come to the US show. We also use it as a research trip to see what is new that is being shown and developed by other international suppliers.

You can see the video we did each day and the final one that covers new innovative products that stood out we saw on the show floor.

Here is the link to all of the videos

It’s the season to save energy

Don’t forget it is time for air conditioning coil cleaners! For any company that is not having their units serviced by an outside company Miracoil the easy way for them to save hundreds or thousands of dollars with a quick easy application. If you need literature to make mailings or leave behinds just email us. Email link

Watch the video at this link

Thats it for now, got to take a nap (trying to get on US time) and be ready to watch some golf this afternoon, The Players Championship is a hot match to follow.

Happy Mothers Day, have a great day and an even better sales week!