Sales Blast- Sunday 5/25/14

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

As you may know from previous SSB’s we were recently in Amsterdam for the Interclean show. While we were there we experienced first hand their and most of Europe’s recognition of the WWII, National Remembrance Day. It is very different from the USA. A nationwide two-minute silence takes place at 8:00 pm. We were having dinner at this time and we all stopped conversations, waiter service, everything. More unusual for us from the US is not only did we stop at dinner but cars stopped, buses, trams, bikes and all activities stopped for 2 minutes. It was a very moving experience. We honor all involved in protecting our country and the world.

Winter is over?

I guess we can finally say winter is over (this blast is read all over the world so it might still be cold and snowy somewhere). It was one of the worst that I can recall and certainly did more than mess up the roads. Most distributors say their business was off considerably in January and February. I like to look at business like a restaurant does when they few lose a day’s business they don’t make it back the next day or maybe not at all. The generally opinion I hear now is the business has rebounded quite a bit and many customers are placing orders for floor care another building maintenance products. Lets hope that continues.

Did you wash your hands? P&G testing soap alarms in public restrooms.

Procter & Gamble is testing a soap dispenser that emits an audible alarm to remind people to wash their hands after using a public toilet. However, the statistics about germs cited in an online ad for the product might be even more alarming.

Apparently as part of market research for the device, the door locks on stalls in public restrooms in some fast-food restaurants, schools and offices in the Philippines were rigged with pressure sensors, which connected to Safeguard Germ Alarms mounted on walls like standard soap dispensers.

“When a toilet user unlocked the door to exit, it triggered the alarm,” the narrator of the ad said. “To stop the alarm, the person has to press the soap dispenser button. This causes the dispenser to release soap.”

Here’s the scary part, which the narrator mentioned over ominous music: “Public toilets have more than 3 million germs per square inch, causing diseases like flu, pneumonia and tuberculosis. Despite this, shockingly, one in three people do not wash their hands after using a public toilet – meaning one in three toilet-goers are spreading disease.”

This points out a need for education and it also is linked to info from last weeks SSB that talked about the Value of Clean

Here is the link for the article:

Have a great rest of the Memorial Day Weekend and an even better sales week!


Scott Jarden