Sales Blast- Sunday 6/1/14

Using Scent as a Marketing Tool, Stores Hope It--and Shoppers--Will Linger

The smell of success, for many stores, is now an actual smell.

As more shops add odor, the battle for noses is getting intense. Restaurants are adjusting recipes to make aromas more concentrated and pleasant. Stores are installing discreet misters to diffuse essence of tea, wood and other scents into the air.

Stores relying most on aroma to draw in customers or nudge them to buy more have found achieving the right scent is complex. One person's sweet aroma is another's stench. A store's smell has to be powerful enough to lure in customers yet not offend neighboring businesses and landlords.

While research doesn't clearly point to pleasant smells boosting sales, stores are embracing scent marketing as a way to create ambience, alongside lighting and design. Many stores will diffuse fragrance through heating and air-conditioning vents.

Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is growing fast among retail and high-end apartment buildings, Mr. Burke says. Many hotels now use scent, especially subtle, tea-derived aromas. At senior living homes, cinnamon and other homey scents are popular, he says.

What is Airx doing with Scent Marketing?

Airx Labs is testing new products right now that would connect directly with the concept of scent marketing. One of our distributors has a hotel chain that wants a custom fragrance note in RX19E’s. They want all of their properties to have the same signature scent that customers will notice as they visit different hotels in their chain. We are also working with a manufacturer that we located while in Amsterdam that has developed a brand new delivery system for airborne odor control that could be used for scent marketing.

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New Sales Addition at Bullen

We are pleased to announce the addition of Bill Huss to the Bullen sales team. Bill brings a great history in the Jan San industry to Bullen and his territory. Bill will be managing Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and part of Pa. He will be working with our existing customers in the territory as well as opening new accounts. He starts the week of June 16th and will attend our Airx Training Day on the 18th with 15 plus distributors from around the country.

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