Sales Blast - Sunday 7/13/14

Big day today with the finals of the World Cup and the end of the South Jersey BBQ festival in Wildwood, NJ. We also have nice weather after last weeks hurricane.

We had a great response to our email offering green samples of the New RX Refresh products this week:

To learn more about the program use this link to watch the video and down load product info:

Anthrax probe reveals new incident with bird flu, widespread safety lapses

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday it had uncovered a new safety breach at its bioterror research laboratories involving dangerous avian flu, just as it was investigating the failures behind the potential exposure of researchers to live anthrax bacteria.

In its first findings from an internal probe into the anthrax incident last month, the CDC said multiple failures by individual scientists and a lack of agency-wide safety policies had led to the potential exposure of more than 80 lab workers to the dangerous bacteria at its campus in Atlanta.

Just what we need, an out break of anthrax. For the record none of ours or anybody else’s products kill it (it would kill you to test it).

First hand product solving testimonial from Jack Collins:

OK…   keep in mind I’m still new and experiencing the wonderful benefits of AirX products, but it takes a personal experience this week to show me just how great the products are.

It begins with burnt breakfast frozen waffles in the toaster over.   Got sidetracked by a business phone call the other day and next thing you know smoke is billowing out of the kitchen, smoke alarms are going off, and the small 1 bedroom apartment fills with smoke.   …and as you can imagine a few hours later, when I came back from a couple of meetings, and long after the black, hard waffles were down the garbage disposal, and the kitchen cleaned up, the small apartment still smelled badly of burnt waffle.   Jack, needed to eradicate the odor BEFORE my roommate and lady friend returned home by the end of the day.

So what AirX products would you use to help solve this problem?  

Solution:  RX Refresh & RX60 on the carpeting and in the kitchen,  and RX19E used with a Freshenaire dispenser.

I put the Freshenaire on for 1.5 hours in the main room, and 30 minutes in the kitchen using 2 blocks in the dispenser.

Result:  Roommate arrives home about 30 minutes after I shut off the unit, and says “wow, the place smells great…  very citrusy.  Were you trying out some of your stuff?”    She never mentioned at any time that evening about a  smoky or foul odor, and of course I did not share my stupidity at burning the waffles.

Great work Jack, don’t show her this Sales Blast.

Thats it for now, have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden