Sales Blast - Sunday 8/3/14

Summer is almost over!

August is here, that means summer is moving on and we can start thinking about ice melt and Winterinse for snow and ice clean up. Pathogen Compliance Centers are needed for schools, offices, buses and most places that require fire extinguishers. Time to check if you or your customers have what is required by OSHA.  Let us know if you need product info and other sales materials.

P&G to Shed More Than Half Its Brands

Chief Executive A.G. Lafley, who came out of retirement last year for a second stint at the company's helm, said P&G will narrow its focus to 70 to 80 of its biggest brands and shed as many as 100 others whose performance has been lagging. The brands the Cincinnati-based company will keep—like Pampers diapers and Tide detergent—generate 90% of its $83 billion in annual sales and over 95% of its profit.


Here is the link for the full article:


What does this mean to SSB readers?  What about P&G Pro Chemical brands. This is not unlike last weeks reference to Sealed Air and Diversey and what that did to distributors. Considering they are talking about keeping brands with huge dollars and getting rid of others we doubt that P&G Pro will be left untouched, what do you think?

Official: Ebola virus 'extraordinarily unlikely' to spread in U.S.

As U.S. health providers prepared for the arrival of two Americans infected with the deadly Ebola virus, international health officials warned Friday that the outbreak in Africa was outstripping their ability to control it.

"This outbreak is moving faster than our efforts to control it," she said Friday at a meeting in the Guinean capital of Conakry. “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socioeconomic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries."

There are no disinfectant products for sale that can control or kill Ebola (see below) and at this point we do not have to worry about it hitting our homes, local schools or business. It does bring more awareness to pathogen control and that can lead to proper training and product use. Airx has a full range of disinfectant products and the training materials for their use to help maintain a healthy and safe environment.

(The disease may be acquired upon contact with blood or bodily fluids of an infected animal, it is not naturally transmitted through the air).

Thats it for this week, good golf this afternoon with the World Golf Championships - Bridgestone Invitational and Sergio maybe winning his first big tournament. If not that just relax, its still summer.


Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden