Sunday Sales Blast 8/17/14

SSB Bathroom Special

Here is a possible business model for every major city in the US.

London toilet tour offers tourists a guide to quirky loos!

There's no need to worry about being caught short on a new walking tour of London. The London Loo Tour takes tourists around a selection of the city's quirkiest WCs.

The tour starts at the toilets by platform 19 at WaterLOO Station and can accommodate up to 20 guests. It’s organized by American guide Rachel Erickson and each one is full of unusual and little-known facts like brief histories on how the Romans managed their toilet, and the plumber who founded one of London's early sanitary engineering companies, Thomas Crapper and Co.

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Keeping with the bathroom theme, Benjamin who runs Airx Europe sent over this shot from one of the loo’s in Copenhagen :

Little intimidating for the guys.

Don’t take too long in the bathroom!

Since June, workers started facing disciplinary action if they used more than 60 minutes of bathroom time over 10 days, according to a government complaint. That's an average of about six minutes a day. (Workers are expected to use the bathroom during their lunch or other scheduled breaks during the day — a total of 1 hour in all.)

The union alleges the Chicago company verbally harasses injured workers. It says WaterSaver Faucet also wants to employ workers designated "temporary" so they can't join the union. Also on the table is a proposal for the company to adopt paid sick days and a minimum $15 hourly wage.

But getting in the way of these issues is the company's recently instituted bathroom policy.

On the other hand, if workers do not use the bathroom during working hours, they can earn $1 a day. CEO Steven Kersten said last month the company gave out 25 gift cards.

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Thats enough for now, summer is almost over, get out there and have a great day and an even better sales week! 

Scott Jarden