Sunday Sales Blast 9/7/14

Fall is here, lets get ready for winter!

Fracking is reducing the supply of calcium chloride

Fracking is a process that forces liquids through the ground at high pressures to create small fractures in a rock formation, ultimately releasing oil and/or gas for collection. Fracking is not a new process, and its recent resurgence is expected to generate considerable growth in natural gas production. But with this growth comes increased demand for more raw materials.

Materials Used in Fracking:

Approximately 99.5% of the materials used in fracking are water (90%) and sand (9.5%). When you consider that fracked wells use about 1,000,000 gallons of water per well - times 500,000 or so active wells - that remaining 0.5% of “other materials” can have a sizable impact on our market. Calcium is a key component and the tracking industry is willing to pay a much higher price for calcium than the market is used to.

Bullen has an alternative to calcium ice melt products with our Liquid Ice Melt and don’t forget our clean up product Winterinse. Click here to see the video and download product info.

Click here to for link to tracking info:

Why are you using that disinfectant? (part 1)

Our own Jack Collins offers up two blog posts on disinfection with the first up at the following link:

Jack give some great basic knowledge of products and why proper disinfection is critical. Send the link to others so they can learn these important facts.

First portable computer maker passes at 95.

For the computer geeks reading this we are sorry to report:

Andrew Kay, the designer of an early portable computer, the Kaypro II, that became a smash hit in the early 1980s before his company fell into bankruptcy in the ’90s as the computer industry leapfrogged ahead of him, died Aug. 28 in Vista, Calif. He was 95.

For a time, Mr. Kay’s company, Kaypro, was the world’s largest portable computer maker, ranked fourth in the PC industry over all behind IBM, Apple Computer and RadioShack.

Early on, the Kaypro II developed a loyal following. Arthur C. Clarke used a Kaypro to write his novel “2010: Odyssey Two”; Stephen M. Case, who would become chief executive of America Online, bought one as his first computer, adding a 300-baud modem to explore the fledgling online world.

I had one and can agree that the term for this new type of computer “the luggables” was correct. It started Bullen into being a leader in technology in the Jansan industry.

Got the Eagles game at 1 and Fedex finals golf in the afternoon, double header!

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