Sunday Sales Blast 1/18/15

Enough flu outbreak news!

This week and next we are going to feature ways you can increase contact with your existing customer and how to find new ones. Bullen is known for using technology for developing its products, its package design and marketing. For the next two weeks we are going to tell you some of the ways to stay in touch with your customers and provide new value added benefits and services.

1. Get the word out about your company- Do something innovative in going to market and communicating with your customers. Here is what we did: was a way of keeping in touch with customers and ones that we didn’t know. We won the innovation award in 2005 from the ISSA for use of technology. was the first podcast produced specifically for the Jan/San industry. You can listen to all the past 80+ audio shows at this link:

Below is the link to the new video version of that we are calling the Road Edition. These are done in our traveling showroom “Globey” a 23 foot Airstream trailer. I interview top distributors and manufacturers in the industry to get their point of view, new products ideas and some history. Here is a link to all of the new Road Edition versions of, is not just a show that just pushes Bullen products, we try to provide information and interesting discussion topics that show that we are experts in our field. How can you do something like that for your business?

2. Write a blog and post it on tour website

This Sunday Sales Blast is part of our blog as well as great content provided by our regional factory representatives, Jack Collins and Bill Huss. Jack and Bill bring years of experience to Bullen and share that in their blog entries. Here are links for three great articles:

Why are you using that disinfectant?

How many customer problems have you solved this week?

Are you afraid to cross the line?

There will be more to come next week when we get into how to use social media like Linkedin and Facebook to connect with existing and new customers.

Great football today with the deciding matches to see who goes to the Super Bowl. I am thinking Seattle versus New England.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden