Sunday Sales Blast 10/11/15

We are on the road to Las Vegas, are you attending the show this year?

I have started on the 2600 mile trip (one way) in "Globey" to the ISSA show. "Globey" is our 23 foot Airstream trailer that anchors our outside exhibit space (booth#11012) directly across from the bus boarding area outside the convention entrance.



In our outside space we will be featuring a brand new addition to the Bullen brands.

Blend-A Chem is a performance chemical delivery system that offers the following:
• 30% lower end-use cost • Dilution rates that are 100% accurate • Shipping less water reduces freight cost and product cost • Labor savings with faster cleaning and refilling of scrubbers • Products that outperform the competition 

Stop by and get a tour of "Globey" and learn more about Blend-A-Chem or watch for future videos from the show on the Bullen website.

Bullen has been helping distributors, entrepreneurs, even chefs Be Their Own Brand for decades. We have helped them create brand new products, brands for their existing products, new system for cleaning that have never been thought of our used before and much more.

Bullen will be featuring at our inside booth location (#2543) BYOB. We break it down into 4 easy steps:
    •    Solve your problems
    •    Create solutions
    •    Establish what your ultimate goal is
    •    The Bullen commitment and yours to achieve the goal

Lets review each of those and how it relates to BYOB and your business.
1. Solve Problems- What are your current and future problems as a distributor or a business? Maybe it is ever shrinking margins or competition from outside of JanSan industry.
2. Create Solutions- Creating and selling your own brand can help manage the issues and problems with your business and the ever changing forces in our industry or others.
3. Outcome- By creating and spending time selling your own brand you can control your market better and the influences you identify as your problems.
4. Commitment- By working with you we can solve the problems you are having and achieve the outcome your want to create and be your own brand.

We have the resources not just to make a great product for you but also the whole process of BYOB. We can show you the step by step system we have in place to enable you to achieve the independence you want and need to survive in this ever changing market. It is not all about product, marketing and new sales techniques play a important part of competing. Bullen is well known for it use of state of the art marketing, sales training and education for building sales.

To learn more about BYOB and request your one on one brand building meeting click this link:


Have a great day and an even better sales we