Sunday Sales Blast 10/4/15

8 germ-laden office items grosser than the toilet

Pens, phones and coffee cups are often more germ-filled than the office toilet seat, according to research by Charles Gerba (aka “Dr. Germ”), a professor of soil, water and environmental science at the University of Arizona in Tucson.



Here is the worst- 

1. Coffee cup

A dirty coffee cup (you know, the one with the brown film still sitting on your desk from yesterday) is the single most bacteria-ridden item of those measured, according to Gerba’s research, with 2,200 bacteria per square inch. Clean that cup thoroughly and you cut that number down to just 110 bacteria per square inch. But the key word here is “thoroughly” — use the bacteria-laden office sponge from the shared kitchen to wipe out that cup, and you’re not getting anywhere close to that 110 number.

If you want to read more, here is the link. This subject ties in great with the Value of Clean and doing a pathogen audit at your customers facility.

I am heading out this Thursday on the 2600 mile (one way) trip in "Globey" for the ISSA show.  We will be featuring a brand new addition to the Bullen brands at the show and specifically at our outside exhibit area (booth # 11012). 

Blend-A Chem is a performance chemical delivery system that offers the following:

• Proven industrial grade degreasers and cleaners
• Save cleaning time with more effective products
• Save cleaning time with high flow chemical delivery
• Accurate dilutions reduce cost and chemical handling
• Super concentrates lower freight cost in distribution

Watch for more to come on Blend-A-Chem before and during the show

Golf is over with Jordan Spieth winning $18,000,000 last weekend (makes you want to take up golf). Now we have football, the Eagles pulled one out last week, it was not pretty but it was a win. Lets hope we can beat Bill Huss's team this week (Redskins).

Have a great day and an even better sales week!


Scott Jarden