Sunday Sales Blast 12/6/15

What do you do for a living?

I just returned from a trip out of the country and spent some time with a group of people I had not met before. One of the questions you get when you meet new people is "what do you do for a living". Those of you reading this know what we do at Bullen but explaining that to a new acquaintance is a little different. I usually start by saying I am a chemical manufacturer and then explain that we make cleaning products, then I go further to say in most cases they are not retail products or brands that they would ever know or have seen. The clarifying part is when I explain that we make disinfectants, sanitizers and cleaners that are used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and businesses. Most people then know what I am talking about. If they are interested I can talk about the importance of cleaning and things like pathogen control. Yes I quote some stats from ISSA on the cost of clean facilities versus ones that are not and that effect on the employees and customers.

I like to tell the story that Tom Peters used at the keynote address the year I was president of the ISSA. He talked about his drive to Logan airport from his farm in Vermont for his speaking engagements He talked about stopping at the same restaurant each time and it was all because the restrooms were clean, not because of the food. Thats the Value of Clean! 

I lived that story today. Here is what I actually saw today on my travels to the airport. The photo on the right was the first stop of a 3 hour drive and the left was the second. Which one would you go back to?

For all of the ISSA Value of Clean info go to this link. If you are not using this data to help your customers business and your sales you are missing a great opportunity to promote our industry and the Value of Clean.

Eagles play this afternoon against the Patriots so we know how that is going to go, another major upset again after their loss last week (the Patriots not the Eagles)…. we can have dreams can’t we?

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden