Sunday Sales Blast 3/22/15

Spring is here?

Yes it is spring but for those of us in PA we were reminded winter is not completely gone. 6 inches or so fell on Saturday.

Let's get cleaning!

After a terrible winter there is lots of cleaning and restoration to be done. Here is a short list that you can use to talk to your customers about their supply and training needs.

1. Are their floor mats in good shape or do they need replacing? Mats are the first defense to a business and it would be a shame to do work on refinishing floors and soft surfaces without a good entrance mat program in place.

2. Clean the carpets of that ice melt residue! If your can see that your carpets are dirty it may be too late. Carpets need to be cleaned on a schedule so it is done before the visible signs show up. Use a great product like Clausen’s Stay Clean because it can be used with any carpet cleaning method, rotary, bonnet, extraction and low moisture.

3. Deep scrub and recoat your damaged floors. Yes deep scrub, you don’t have to strip the floors unless the finish coating is damaged or you can’t get the dirt out. Try our new One Up Hypertron, great gloss and durability the improves with age.

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

Jack Collins, our Regional Sales Manager has written a great entry for the Bullen blog.

As a jan-san salesperson where is your value today to both current and new customers?   …and can you communicate and show your value to customers?   This is our challenge and struggle today for salespeople, and for those who hire and train jan-san salespeople.

How do we compete with the wealth of information available to our customers on the internet?

#1- know your business, know your company, know your suppliers better than any of your competitors and especially your customers.

#2- assure you can walk the talk:  Can you strip a floor effectively?  Know the proper steps to clean a Bathroom and have actually done so?  Understand and can work-load the cleaning labor for a building?

#3- Knowledge is Power!   The more you know and the more you can effectively communicate your wealth of information, the more value you offer your customers.  

To read the complete article here is the link:

Lots of basketball and golf to watch this afternoon.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden