Sunday Sales Blast 3/29/15

Executive Order for purchases of Safer Choice products!


We have some very exciting news.  Last week, President Obama issued an executive order (EO 13693) that includes the purchase of Safer Choice-labeled products as a sustainability goal for the federal government.  The order directs federal purchasers, as of Oct. 1, 2015, to include Safer Choice-labeled products to the maximum extent practicable in their procurement activities (see excerpted text, below).

Bullen has backed the EPA DfE (before the name change) for various reasons. The first is cost, second is we felt the government program would have more validity and third is our ability to sub-register private brand partner products at little or no additional cost. We will see how this plays out between EPA Safer Choice, Green Seal and UL’S program. 

We covered the name change and new logo illustrated above in SSB 3/8/15, we have also update the eclean product website.

For the full article click this link:

Wet Wipes Box Says Flush. New York’s Sewer System Says Don’t.


With its sewer system under siege, tallying millions of dollars in equipment damage across its underground maze, New York City is confronting a menace that has gummed the gears of plumbing networks around the world: the common wet wipe.
Often, the wipes combine with other materials, like congealed grease, to create a sort of superknot. “They’re really indestructible,” said Vincent Sapienza, a deputy commissioner for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection. “I guess that’s the purpose.”
The city has spent more than $18 million in the past five years on wipe-related equipment problems, officials said. The volume of materials extracted from screening machines at the city’s wastewater treatment plants has more than doubled since 2008, an increase attributed largely to the wipes.
We all love the convenience of pre-moistened wipes but as the article says there are parts of the country and overseas that are banning or considering banning them all together. We should keep an eye on this development, here is the link for the full article:

Spring is here and so is the time to test new finishes.

With spring here that also means that floors will need new coats of finish. Bullen was just awarded another year (third so far) with a major school system for our EPA DfE approved floor care program under the e-clean brand. This particular school district has 160 buildings and the e-clean Floor Finish has proven itself and it’s “no strip promise”. If you would like to learn more about the products here is the link:

Bullen Hires new Regional Sales Manager!

We continue to grow our sale force with the addition of Max Johnson. Max brings a wealth of experience to Bullen and will be covering the Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Western PA territory. Welcome Max to Bullen!

Lots of basketball this weekend with the winning teams advancing to the final four.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden