Sunday Sales Blast 4/12/15

LinkedIn, and the Skills You’ll Need for Your Next Job

Skills are a big business these days. LinkedIn  decision to buy online training platform for about $1.5 billion makes that point with an exclamation mark.

With employers lamenting that they can’t find enough people with high-demand digital skills, and workers increasingly expected to develop skills on their own rather than through the workplace, it’s a busy time the field of web-based training.

How does this apply to us in the Jansan industry? It ties in with the subject in Jack Collins blog post -

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

Both for our customers and particularly us salespeople.   Our customers have lots of information available to make purchasing decisions, which can lead to confusion and sometimes bad buying decisions.  Salespeople are experiencing competitive pressures from previously unknown companies and organizations, and even the internet is now a competitor.   Searching for and selling value is tougher than ever before.   

Jack talked about product knowledge but what about training. With technology what it is there is no excuse that there isn’t online training for all of the basic needs as a cleaning professional. I would suggest that ISSA should be the source for this online training. In the meantime Bullen is starting a new series of our videos on product use after our well accepted informational videos.

Cleaning with bleach at home linked to some childhood illnesses

Health conscious parents who keep their homes clean and disinfected may have a new worry: a new study suggests that the home use of bleach might be linked to an increased risk of infections in children.

After surveying the parents of more than 9,000 children from three European countries researchers saw a modest 20 percent increase in influenza, a 35 percent increase in tonsillitis and an 18 percent increase in any kind of infection, among kids between the ages of 6 and 12, according to the report published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

While this deals with household effect imagine when this data is applied to the use of bleach in the work environment?

Here is the link for the full article:

Enjoy the great weather (at least here in PA). The Masters tournament final is today and it should be a great finish

Have great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden