Sunday Sales Blast 6/21/15

The Airx Survey is closed!

Thanks to all of you that helped us with planning, new product development, marketing and other projects for the balance of 2015 with the Airx line. Here are a few of the results that jumped out at us just to start:

73.5% of the respondents felt Airx was better than the other four brands on the market.
76.9% of you feel free samples are great way to sell new products to your customers.
59.3% would like us to  elp them implement email marketing at their companies.

Thats just a sample of the survey, for those of you that are Airx distributors we will be discussing the results with you one to one in the future on how we can make the results generate more interest and sales for the brand.

New survey reveals negative online cleanliness reviews will affect your business

CINCINNATI, OH—A new Harris Poll conducted by Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ: CTAS) found that consumers take online reviews seriously‹particularly when it comes to reviews about the cleanliness of a business. The survey, conducted online for Cintas by Harris Poll from April 9-13, 2015 among 2,023 adults ages 18 and older, revealed that 85 percent of respondents would not patronize businesses with negative online reviews about the cleanliness of its facilities.

Restaurants (75 percent) and hotels (70 percent) ranked at the top of the list of businesses where cleanliness most greatly impacted buying habits.

The top five businesses affected by negative online reviews include:

    •    Restaurant: 75 percent
    •    Hotel: 70 percent
    •    Doctor¹s office: 68 percent
    •    Hospital: 67 percent
    •    Hair/Nail Salon: 56 percent

“This study shows that if your business is dirty and someone mentions that in an online review, it will have a negative impact on your bottom line.”

This ties in with the Value of Clean work that ISSA has done and we talked about in previous SSB's. If I were a distributor I would focus on some of the above account targets and use this and the other data from the ISSA to justify the ROI for cleaning and hygiene.

Here is the link for the SSB that we covered the Value of Clean:

For the full article here is the link:

The start of the race has everyone jumping off the ferry 12 feet into the Delaware Bay!

Our own Alex Jarden is competing right now in the Escape the Cape Triathlon. Here is what they say about the race: “There are only a few races where you get to jump off a boat to start your triathlon day. Among them are the legendary Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon and the Norseman in Norway. This weekend 1700 athletes will jump from Cape May to Lewis Ferry to challenge themselves in the Escape the Cape Triathlon.

Thats it for this week, Fathers day is next Sunday with the US Open!

Have great week and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden