Sunday Sales Blast 6/28/15

Sunday Sales Blast
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Happy first week of summer!

Break out your swimsuits, fire up the barbeque, and put on the sunglasses, because summer is here.

Saturday, June 21, marked the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky.
But did you know that the summer solstice, as it's called, is the longest day of the year?

How is the solstice celebrated?
The solstice marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means flip-flops, beach trips and barbecues. In southern England, thousands flock to Stonehenge to see the sun rise from the vantage point of the 4,000-year-old solar monument.

Summer also brings floor strip outs that are not needed.

Summer also means the start of floor strip outs. Did you know that you can go three years or more without having to strip and recoat your floors? The E-Clean floor care program has a proven (in over 160 schools) three year no-strip program. For more info use this link:

For the full article on the Summer Solstice use this link:

Deal Unites Major Supermarket Players


With more than 6,500 stores, Ahold Delhaize expects to have the scale to innovate.
The planned merger of Ahold NV and Delhaize Group would create one of the biggest U.S. supermarket chains, giving the grocers greater buying clout as they grapple with slow growth and intensifying competition from discounters and upscale chains.

On Wednesday the two announced their all-stock deal to create a company with a market value of about $29 billion, combining Ahold, the Dutch owner of the Stop & Shop and Giant chains in the U.S., with Delhaize, the Belgian operator of American chains Food Lion and Hannaford. Ahold Delhaize, as the new company will be called, will be based in Europe but generate about 60% of its sales in the U.S.

The food-retail business is going through wrenching changes on both sides of the Atlantic. Many consumers who traded down to discount stores during the recession haven’t switched back to more traditional retailers. In the U.S., dollar stores and bulk retailers like Costco Wholesale Corp. have eaten away at the market share of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s biggest retailer, while some shoppers in Europe are choosing to buy groceries online.

This is just like the consolidation we have seen in our industry and others. Will it make for more competition? I doubt it with companies like Costco and online taking large amounts of the previous business model away. For the full article here is the link:

That's it for this week. Great USA soccer Friday night! Go USA against Germany.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden