Sunday Sales Blast 6/7/15

OSHA issues an very important clarification!

There has been a lot of confusion generated and lack of leadership by OSHA when it did not allow the June 1st deadline for GHS compliant packaging to be moved off of that date. The reasoning behind their inability to make a change (that all involved thinks it should have) was because it would take them longer approve that change than they had before the deadline (2-3 months). Now they issued a clarification on May 29th concerning existing stock from manufacturers. Here is the important section of that memorandum:

Interim Enforcement Guidance for Hazard Communication 2012 
Manufacturers or importers of hazardous chemicals (including businesses that repackages) that have existing stock packaged (e.g., boxed, palletized, shrink-wrapped, etc.) for shipment  prior to June 1, 2015, that are HCS 1994-compliant labeled, may continue to ship those containers downstream.  In such instances, there is no requirement to re-label packaged for shipment containers with HCS 2012-compliant labels.  

Bullen has 98% of its existing stock already GHS compliant and was in the process of relabeling the remaining product before this clarification. We would prefer to sell and ship the remaining inventor as is (with HCS 1994 compliant labels) then relabel (it looks better). We will continue to mark our cases and containers with a yellow rectangle to indicate the product is GHS compliant so you can know what you have in inventory without having to open cases and make it easier to keep track of stock that needs to be moved before December.

The text of the complete OSHA memo is located at:


IHOP logo gets its first facelift in two decades

IHOP spokesperson Kevin Mortesen said the old logo's morose countenance wasn't the primary reason for the change but it did play a role. The company is aiming for a more modern feel that still harkens back to its 57-year-old roots with the same red-and-blue color scheme.

“Our guests have told us for many years that coming to IHOP, and in many cases just thinking about our world famous pancakes, makes them smile,” IHOP vice president of marketing Kirk Thompson said in a statement.
The mood swing comes after the breakfast chain spent months testing out a swanky new redesign at dozens of its restaurants, Nation's Restaurant News reported.

Why feature this information, Bullen just finished rebranding our odor and pathogen line Airx so we can appreciate the time and effort IHOP has gone through. We also rebranded the Bullen Logo after our fire. Here is the before and after:

bullenlogo (vertical).jpg

What about your companies brand? Is it time to bring it into the 2000’s?

For the complete article here is the link:

Thats it for this week, little golf this afternoon on TV and hopefully some relaxing for you and your family.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

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