Sunday Sales Blast 8/16/14

Sunday Sales Blast

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BYOB is coming or is it already here?

Back in the Sunday Sales Blast from 7/19/15 we talked about how we will be featuring BYOB (Be Your own Brand) in our booth and in the outside exhibit area in Globey our Airstream trailer. BYOB does not have to wait for the ISSA show. Bullen has been helping distributors, entrepreneurs, even chefs Be Their Own Brand for decades. We have helped them create brand new products, brands for their existing products, new system for cleaning that have never been thought of our used before and much more.

I attended a meeting last week where Dean Minuto of spoke. He has a great way of simplifying how to take a great idea to market. He breaks it down into 4 sections.

  1. Problems
  2. Solutions
  3. Outcomes
  4. Commitment

Let's review each of those and how it relates to BYOB and your business.
1. Problems- What are your current and future problems as a distributor or a business? Maybe it is ever shrinking margins or competition from outside of the JanSan industry or the many other out there.
2. Solutions- Creating and selling your own brand can help manage the issues and Problems with your business.
3. Outcome- By creating and spending time selling your own brand you can control your market better and the influences you listed as Problems
4. Commitment- By committing to BYOB you can make the Problems better and under your control, complete the Solutions and achieve the Outcome you want to need to solve the Problems.

Notice I have not talked about Bullen, only what your issues are? Then where does Bullen come into this? We have the resources not to just make product for you but also the whole process of BYOB. We can show you the step by step system we have in place to enable you to achieve the independence you want and need to survive in this ever changing market.

We will continue this thread as we get closer to the ISSA show with examples of how we brand BYOB itself.

Please pass this on to others you know that need to BYOB.

More good golf this afternoon and lots of sun! Get out there and enjoy summer (remember last winter) while you can.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden