Sunday Sales Blast 7/18/15

ISSA road trip is coming!

In addition to exhibiting at the ISSA show in Las Vegas as we have done for the last 48 plus years we will be doing something different this year. We are bringing our portable studio/office/living space to the show. This is not the first time we have gone out to see customers with Globey (23 foot Airstream). We started in October of 2014 with visits with my Dad, Mark Warner of Americium, Paul Rutherford of Rutherford Janitor Supply and others. You can see the interviews that we have done on location at the Jancast link from the site:

In Las Vegas Globey will act as our hospitality suite before, during and after the show right out the front door in the outside exhibit area. We will be featuring "Be Your Own Brand (BYOB)", Bullens extensive custom formulation, branding and marketing program. We will be showing private branding we developed from the sixties and going forward, retro branding back in the day in a retro camper. You can learn about our services, get a refreshment and see the inside of Globey. More info to follow in the coming months.

if you haven't booked your room/airplane and other arrangements I would get on that right away, things are filling up. Here are the dates:

October 20-23, 2015 | Exhibits: October 21-23

Need some summer reading in the next month? How about going back and checking all of the past SSB's that we have posted. Here is great one:

Just when we thought all we had to worry about was touch surfaces and washing our hands I read this article in the Wall Street Journal:

Talk about dirty money: Scientists are discovering a surprising number of microbes living on cash.

In the first comprehensive study of the DNA on dollar bills, researchers at New York University's Dirty Money Project found that currency is a medium of exchange for hundreds of different kinds of bacteria as bank notes pass from hand to hand.

By analyzing genetic material on $1 bills, the NYU researchers identified 3,000 types of bacteria in all—many times more than in previous studies that examined samples under a microscope. Even so, they could identify only about 20% of the non-human DNA they found because so many microorganisms haven't yet been cataloged in genetic data banks.

Total DNA found: 1.2 billion segments
Percentage human: 27%-48%
Bacterial DNA: 54 million segmentsSampler of bacteria identified:
Acinetobacter species:antibiotic-resistant infections
Staphylococcus aureus: skin infections
Bacillus cereus: food-borne illness
Escherischia coli: food poisoning
Helicobacter pylori: gastric ulcers
Corynebactrium diptheriae: diphtheriaa

Maybe we need to develop a money disinfectant?

Don't forget to watch "the" Open, from St. Andrews today, Jordan Spieth could complete the triple crown!

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden