Sunday Sales Blast 7/26/15

Sunday Sales Blast

News from and about the world of the cleaning industry!

The Home Depot Announces Agreement to Acquire Interline Brands!


The Home Depot®, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today announced its entry into a definitive agreement to acquire Jacksonville, Fla.-based Interline Brands, Inc., a leading national distributor and direct marketer of broad-line maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products.
Under the terms of the agreement, The Home Depot will acquire Interline for $1.625 billion in cash, subject to customary adjustments.

What does this mean to you as a independent distributor? Maybe you were not aware of the brands Interline carried. 3M, Betco, Big D and Spartan  to name a few. With this acquisition that means potentially that Home Depot will now be selling all of those brands in the market place.

BYOB (Be Your Own Brand), now is the time!

The Interline situation is one of a long line of disruptions in the industry and supply chain dynamics. If it didn't make sense before it does now to create and sell your own brand. Bullens competitive advantage over others for your business in three areas is:

  • More existing products than others to be packaged under your brand (over 4000)
  • Reverse engineering and low minimums to match existing national brand products, not just what we have in a tank stock.
  • Bullen is known for using technology to sell and market products and we can help develop your own "online" brand as well as the physical products. A lot of companies can make the products but can they help you take them to market.

For more information and to set a meeting date with a Bullen sales rep to discuss BYOB call us or drop us a email.

Sea Ice Might Be More Resilient Than Thought!


Single cool summer briefly reversed decline in ice cap around the North Pole, study reports,

Arctic sea ice is so sensitive to changing temperatures that a single cool summer briefly reversed the decline in the ice cap around the North Pole, says a new study released Monday.

“We now know it can recover by a significant amount if the melting season is cut short,” said the study’s lead author Rachel Tilling, a researcher who studies satellite observations of the Arctic. “The sea ice might be a little more resilient than we thought.”

In 2013, summer temperatures were about 5% cooler than the previous year and the volume of autumn ice jumped 41%, they said.

Thats almost better news than a late snow storm in April to clear out stocks of Ice melt from your warehouse. Good to know we may not all float away when the ice melts (yet).

Here is the link for the full article:

Bullen had our company outing in Wildwood on Friday. Over 100 employees, family and friends attended. The weather was excellent and it was great to have such a large group attend! Thanks to Vince Smith for his hard work organizing the whole outing!

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Scott Jarden