Sunday Sales Blast 8/2/15

CDC reviewing state programs following fatal E. coli outbreak


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will conduct a comprehensive review of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control’s infectious disease programs following an E. coli outbreak at a Greenwood day care in May.

Inconsistent hygeine practices could have spread the bacteria, which exits the body through feces. Surfaces can become contaminated with the bacteria and it can be inadvertently consumed by others, according to state epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell.

The CDC review will evaluate DHEC’s investigation into the E. coli outbreak as well as the agency’s overall infectious disease programs, “to ensure that best practices are followed,” according to a DHEC release. The review is expected to take several months.

Another opportunity to train your customers and sell them the appropriate products to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

A Philly Faux Pas by Scott Walker

I don't like to mix politics with business but...Speaking of food and possible illness....

Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt at cheese-steak diplomacy appeared to backfire on Tuesday when he stopped at both Pat’s and Geno’s, rival sandwich establishments, during a campaign swing through Philadelphia.

His crime? Asking for American cheese.

Connoisseurs of Philadelphia cheese steaks were aghast that the Republican presidential candidate from Wisconsin would opt against Cheez Whiz, the local condiment of choice, as well as the customary onions.

Sandwiches are serious business in Philadelphia, but they can be pitfalls for visiting politicians. In 2003, John F. Kerry, then a senator from Massachusetts running for president, was jeered when he ordered Swiss cheese during a visit to Pat’s.
A spokeswoman for Mr. Walker’s campaign pointed to a 2008 poll in which those surveyed said American cheese was a perfectly acceptable topping on a cheese steak. In fact, it proved more popular than provolone or Whiz.
Uncowed by protestors, Mr. Walker on Tuesday seemed to enjoy his lunch despite the limelight and had no shame in his choice of cheese.

The next thing we have to wait for is how does Trump order his steak sandwich!

Good golf this afternoon and lots of sun!

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