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Sunday Sales Blast

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Advice to Distributors in 2016: Sell A Program

Great article from Ron Segura and Cleanlink-

Traditionally at the end of the year or first part of the new year, jan/san distributors review the past year's performance, as well as look for areas of improvement in preparation for the coming year.

Having worked with large cleaning contractors throughout North America, as well as schools, universities and corporations, helping these organizations make cleaning more effective and efficient, Ron Segura says what could help distributors the most in 2016 is moving from selling products to selling programs.

"For instance, when distributors meet with customers to help them select a floor machine, they usually just focus on the features and benefits of that machine," says Segura. "Instead, they must broaden their approach to include the proper chemicals, finishes, pads, tools, and accessories that go along with that machine."

Segura says this will benefit distributors for several reasons, including the following:

 • It shifts the customer's thinking away from price to thinking about value and benefits, such as enhanced worker productivity, safety, ease of use, being more environmentally responsible, etc.

 • Selling a program is designed to help solve cleaning problems, not just address a specific cleaning need.

 • By selling a program, distributors are selling their own value to the facility, making them important assets to a facility's health and operations.

 • Selling a program helps avoid the one-off customer

 • Selling a program can lead to offering add-on services, helping the distributor bond with the customer and solidify new business. 

 • Selling a program opens the door to upselling.

 • Selling a program can lead to product bundling which can result in cost savings

 • Selling programs helps prevent purchasing departments from "nitpicking" a purchase request.

For the complete article:

This Lesser-Known Amazon Business Is Growing Fast

Amazon said its fulfillment service for merchants delivered more than 1 billion items to customers in 2015.

E-commerce giant Amazon handled the warehousing, packing, and shipping of 1 billion items last year for merchants that are part of its fulfillment program.

That detail, one of a number that Amazon revealed on Tuesday, shows the huge size of one of its lesser known services. Helping third party businesses sell in its online store generates extra fees and adds to the number of products available to shoppers beyond just what Amazon sells directly.

The reason I included this in the SSB is I thought it might be of interest to those distributors that are competing against Amazon and maybe they should consider using them to fulfill orders or use them as a model of what to do right.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden