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Sunday Sales Blast

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SSB takes a vacation!

This week I will be away with the family on vacation so I decided to serve up links to where our articles are posted as well as the content.

For past SSB articles you can see all of them from the last 2 years at the Bullen site:

For the links to some of the articles we quote from they are on the Jancast Delicious site. Delicious is a site that allows you to post links and comment on articles and web pages that you find online.

Here is the link for the delicious site:

Jancast is the award winning podcast started in 2004. We were the winner of the ISSA Innovation Award for use of technology.

Here is the link for where you can listen to all 80 podcasts we have produced:

We have on the Bullen site the new video (road edition) versions of the Jancast programs that add another 5 to the list. In the video format I interview the key players in the industry from my RV Globey:

We will be back next Sunday with brand new content.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden