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Sunday Sales Blast

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Circuit City is coming back, baby

According to tech news outlet Twice, bankrupt retail chain Circuit City is coming back. For those who don’t recall, Circuit City was exactly like Best Buy, except it was all red and white instead of blue and yellow, and also a lot of the stores had a weird smell that was impossible to place. It was this sort of dry, irritating stink that just made you want to shop for DVDs and PlayStation 2 games somewhere else. Anyway, the company shuttered all of its stores in 2008, possibly because of a persistent rumor about how they smelled really weird.

The Circuit City website will relaunch in the spring, and the first new retail store will open in Dallas this June. Hopefully it’ll still have that classic Circuit City smell.

We have touched on the effect of odors and cleaning in businesses for the year or two since the ISSA published the data. This is a real example of why facilities need to keep clean and odor free.

For the whole article :

'Intelligent' self-cleaning toilet eliminates need for toilet paper

LAS VEGAS -- The demo high-tech toilets from Japan are unabashedly right in the middle of the floor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

While the toilets are not functioning ones, manufacturer Toto is keen to show how its "intelligent" washlet system can be good for the environment and improve people's experience in the bathroom.
How smart is the toilet?

You walk up to it and it opens up, and when you leave it closes and flushes automatically," Toto spokeswoman Lenora Campos said. It also eliminates the need for toilet paper. "It scans and delivers warm aerated water" to the user, she said. "It washes and then dries you. We can be clean without paper products."

After usage, the toilet cleans and sanitizes itself with electrolyzed water. And because of its coating of titanium dioxide and zirconium, nothing sticks to the bowl.

That means it can go for a year without cleaning, avoiding the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, Toto says.
One thing that may be hard to digest for users is the price: a list price of $10,000 for the original Neorest, and possibly more for the new model.

I wanted one right up until I saw the price. You have to clean your toilet pretty often to cost justify that $.

No football till next week but some good golf starting up, watch Torrey Pines this afternoon,

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden