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An End to Laundry? The Promise of Self-Cleaning Fabric

Scientists found a way to remove stains from fabric in the lab, using sunlight and tiny particles of silver and copper

Scientists in Australia, one of the sunniest places on the planet, have discovered a way to rid clothes of stubborn stains by exposing them to sunlight, potentially replacing doing the laundry.
Working in a laboratory, the researchers embedded minute flecks of silver and copper—invisible to the naked eye—within cotton fabric. When exposed to light, the tiny metal particles, or nanostructures, released bursts of energy that degraded any organic matter on the fabric in as little as six minutes, said Rajesh Ramanathan, a postdoctoral fellow at RMIT University, in Melbourne.

Maybe a self cleaning microfiber cloth or floor pad is in the future for us?

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A Surprising New Photo Book About Toilets

Some of you may know that I am a photographer and I like to say I take the best pictures of toilets in the industry. I might have been topped with this new book:

When it comes to restrooms, it’s often assumed that form follows function, but Lonely Planet’s decadent new book, Toilets: a Spotter’s Guide, elevates the latrine, so often scorned by modern society, to the realm of the objet d’art. Spanning the globe, the book features hundreds of facilities, giving each lavatory the attention it deserves.

The porcelain, metal, and stone subjects of Toilets range from the much-frequented to the barely used. Most are functioning. Some are decorative. All are treated with dignity. There are makeshift outhouses and palatial thrones, a few designed by leading architects and commissioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Others are might have been overlooked for their modesty, but indeed, even the most humble of loos have their own brand of allure, whether it be an astonishing view or a surprising history.

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