Sunday Sales Blast 10/1/17

Diversey Professional Brands Now in Lowe’s Stores


Diversey announced that several of its popular Diversey brand products are now available in Lowe’s U.S. stores. The lineup includes surface cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants and more, with recognizable professional brand names such as Glance, Crew, Spitfire and Virex. Diversey brand products offer professional grade cleaning quality with the convenience of consumer availability, making them ideal for prosumers, or the professional consumer audience.

“Partnering with Lowe’s gives customers convenient access to professional strength Diversey products,” said Paul Budsworth, President – North America, Diversey. “There is great value in offering the otherwise only commercially available Diversey brand products to locally-owned businesses that appreciate quality, convenience, cost savings, and sustainability.”

Another reason to sell your own brand (BYOB).

Why Multitasking Is a Myth That's Breaking Your Brain and Wasting Your Time
You might think you're a great multitasker, but you're not. There's no such thing.

The myth of multitasking
Most of us think of multitasking as a necessary part of life. How else could we possibly meet the demands of our over-scheduled, hectic lives? But, the truth is, you can only truly multitask (accomplish more than one task simultaneously) if:

One or more of the tasks is "second nature. In other words, it is so well-learned that no real thought is necessary to complete the task, like chewing gum or walking.

The tasks being performed involve different brain processes. For instance, if you're reading a book, you can listen to classical (instrumental) music at the same time, but if you listen to music with lyrics, you won't retain as much of the information you're reading. This is because both reading and listening to songs with words activate the language center of the brain. And the brain literally cannot process more than one task in any given category at a time.

Whether or not you're convinced that multitasking is a myth, I challenge you to try shifting to single-tasking. Focus on one project or activity at a time, then switch to the next when you're finished. You're likely to see an increase in your productivity, and you might actually end up saving time, as strange as that might seem.

Also, it's good for relationships. If you're reading your email while someone is talking to you, you're not really listening or you're not retaining what you read. Either way, it's just no good.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know have designated times for checking email, using social media and making phone calls. They focus on that one task until they're caught up, then move to the next. In the meantime, whatever they aren't focusing on is closed. No email notifications all day, no Facebook message popups and no answering calls that aren't necessary, unless it's that tasks time for attention.

Here is the link for the full article.

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Scott Jarden