Sunday Sales Blast 5/14/17

Happy Mothers Day!

While my mother is no longer with me I was thinking about some of her sage wisdom that she passed on over the years. One of the quotes that I am reminded of has to do with our industry. Her saying was "don't ever pass up a good bathroom". She said that while on a family vacation and out for dinner. She came back from a bathroom break to tell us that the toilet was a hole in the ground (we were out of the USA). That is when I first heard that famous line.

That ties in with Tom Peters story about his drive from his home in Vermont to Boston Logan Airport and how he always stopped at the same restaurant. It was not for the food it was because he knew they had clean bathrooms.

What a great lesson for the people who are supposed to be experts in cleaning. Do an audit of your facility in your own building. Is your bathroom kept in a condition that an outside person would find acceptable? Offer your customers to do a free audit of their facility and start in the bathroom.

If you google "cleaning for mothers day" you get a lot of links for suggestions to buy your mother a cleaning service. I think one better is to actually clean her place yourself. You can learn more about the products you sell by actually using them. I clean my bathrooms at my house each week and use it as a chance to try new products. This week I was testing some new disinfectants with a lavender fragrance that recently was approved for sale. I smelled it in the bottle but for me to really know what it would be like I had to actually use it. I liked it and you will be seeing it soon from Bullen. I would not have know for sure if I didn't actually use it.


Great golf today with the Players from Florida, watch it just to see how many golfers end up in the water at the 17th hole (island green).


Have a great day and an even better sales week

Scott Jarden