Sunday Sales Blast 6/11/17

Alex and I jumped off the Cape May, NJ to Lewis, DE Ferry last Sunday to start off the summer season of triathlons. Alex did the olympic course, 1 mile swim, 22 mile bike and a 10K run and I did the sprint, 1/3 mile swim, 11 mile bike and 5k run.

Exercise is like other good business practices.

The reason I bring this up is too remind you to take exercise very seriously just like you do your business. If you don't not do some form of exercise on a regular basis it is just like not following up on a sales call or email campaign. You will get out of shape or lose sales and both are hard to recover from.


6 Innovative Ways to Attract New Customers

1. Have friends with benefits

"We form strategic alliances with businesses related to but not directly competing in our space who can refer us customers.

2. Cover all bases

"We've found that a comprehensive, multichannel marketing strategy is mandatory in today's fragmented media environment.

3. Always listen

"In an environment rife with gimmicks and teasers, consumers are looking for products and services that embrace honesty. The best way for us to attract new customers is to listen to our loyal ones.

Here is the link for all 6 of the tips:


Where do we get these great articles and tips?

Aside from just reading the news I like checking out a lot of magazines. The trick is I don't buy them. I pay $10 per month for access to over 200 different ones on You need a iPad or tablet but after that you can read as little or as much you want and you don't have to drag around al of them with you since they are digital versions. You can try it our for free for 3 months. (this is not a paid ad placement, I actually use this app).


Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden