Sunday Sales Blast 1/21/17

Do we really need an Alexa-powered toilet?


Kitchen and bath products-maker Kohler thinks so, as well as a faucet and bathroom mirror and the list of Alexa-activated devices is even longer and weirder than that. How about an Alexa-powered dog collar or backyard umbrella?

Amazon was expected to get its voice-activated digital assistant into all manner of Internet-connected gadgets at CES 2018, the big annual technology trade show that wrapped up in Las Vegas last week. And it didn't disappoint. The list of new devices powered by Alexa rose to 4,000, from over 1,000 brands. Not to be outdone, Google made an unusual splash, showing off deals that put its Alexa rival, Google Assistant, in touchscreen displays and voice-activated commands in cars.

Technology fads often run hot then fizzle, and it's tempting to think that the Numi intelligent Wi-Fi-connected Kohler commode will fall into the realm of cool-but-little-used items that include smart forks and see-through washing machines

But in this race for the crown jewel of smart home control, Kohler’s toilet might just take the throne. You can ask it to heat up the seat, lift the lid, play your favorite tunes, and of course, flush. “Numi delivers hands-free control, personalized cleansing functionality,” reads the release, “that let users fine-tune every aspect of their experience to their exact preferences.”

The smart toilet starts at $5,625, while the fancier Numi Black will set you back $6,500. Both come out in the fourth quarter this year.;jsessionid=445AA6D08F3D284A0383F66494C5460F.kohler-prod1-ecom2?skuId=1334087&brandId=430036

5 Reasons Networking Is a Salesperson's Most Powerful Tool

The ability to network is key for sales success in a fast-paced working world

While a savvy salesperson may be able to achieve some short-term results without building these essential relationships, those who wish to lay the foundations for lasting success know they cannot achieve their goals without well-thought-out networking efforts.


In many ways, networking is nothing more than in-person advertising. It's a way of showing who you are and what you have to offer. Networking gives you a chance to get your name out and build a reputation for yourself. 


Another significant advantage of networking is that it gives sales professionals a chance to build a strong referral pipeline. Remember, true networking isn't focused on just helping yourself -- it's also about lending a helping hand to others.


Perhaps the most valuable aspect of networking is that it allows sales professionals to gain valuable insights about the needs of their clients. When you actually listen to someone, you have the chance to learn their story and understand the pain points that they need help resolving.

When I was president of the ISSA I used that time to network with as many people in our industry as I could. At meetings, social functions and online. Linkedin is a great tool for connecting and I now have over 1900 connections that I reach out to for new job openings at Bullen, new products intros and just to tap into other experts opinions. Connect with me and join my network on Linkedin.

For all five, here is the link:

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Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden