Sunday Sales Blast 5/13/18

You can tell we are not in the USA by the bathrooms


We have made it to Amsterdam and if you are a regular reader of the SSB you know we like to share pictures of bathrooms, the good and the bad. Above is just a typical one in a food court area. They take clean bathrooms very seriously. It makes you wonder why we in the USA don't do the same. The Interclean show starts this Tuesday so if you are attending you can see Bullen in the Pavillion of the Americas. Show dates are May 15th-18th. Keep an eye out for our Interclean videos.

Donald Trump angers Scots after luxury golf resort bans Irn-Bru


It is the best-selling soft drink in Scotland, often referred to as the country's "other national drink," so it should perhaps come as no surprise that the banning of Irn-Bru from a luxury golf resort owned by Donald Trump has caused many Scots to see, erm, orange.

Reports that Trump Turnberry in Ayrshire has removed the bright orange fizzy drink, which is more popular than Coca-Cola in Scotland, from sale over fears that the beverage could permanently stain the resort's expensive carpets has been a trending topic in the United Kingdom on Twitter.

As part of the five-star resort's £200 million ($271 million) upgrade, hundreds of thousands of pounds was reportedly spent on carpets.
Ralph Porciani, Turnberry's general manager, told the Ayrshire Post: "We can't have it staining when to replace the ballroom carpet would be £500,000 ($678,800) alone.

According to Irn-Bru, the equivalent of 20 cans of its drink, which was first produced in 1901, is sold every second.

Seems like an opportunity for a sales person with a good carpet spotter- (Bullen's Jetclean comes to mind)

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden