Sunday Sales Blast 7/1/18

Happy 1st day of July!

Summer is rolling along pretty fast and back east we have had rain, rain, and more rain. Now we have a heat wave. I listen to different radio stations from around the world and New Zealand's Radio Hauraki is a favorite. They are talking about the coming spring (they are the opposite of our summer). That just reminds me that we only have a couple of months of summer left here. Get out an do something fun while you have a chance. To make your business time more productive here are some tips that should give you more leisure time.

5 Ways to Improve Your To-Do Lists
To-Do lists should be an invaluable part of any small business person’s day-to-day. They don’t just help you get things done, they help keep you motivated and on track. Now, they seem pretty self-explanatory, right? Write down a task. Then do it. But sometimes they can quickly go from being useful to useless. A to-do list can too easily take a wrong turn and become exhaustive and exhausting. Here are five quick tips to help you get the most from your to-do lists.

1. Get An App
Bad news, paper and pen lovers: apps are the best way to manage your to-do lists now. They’re able to do more and do it better.

2. Be Specific
Don’t write: “Email clients.” Do write: “Email three clients” or “Email Bob, Mary, and Ted.” After all, how are you supposed to really know when you’re done with “Email clients”?

3. Be Realistic
You’re a small business owner, so I know you have a lot of things to do. That might make you feel inclined to put everything you want to get done in a day on your list. Don’t.

4. Prioritize Items
Most of us can’t put together a list of tasks right away in order of priority. Chances are you’ll think of tasks at random. That doesn’t mean you should just throw them on your list randomly. Your list should never be random.

5. Celebrate Your Accomplishments
When you’ve reached the end-of-your-day, take a moment to really appreciate everything that you got done and crossed off from your to-do list.

There is a little golf today so after getting out and about relax while watching see if Tiger can make a run.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden