The Bullen Companies created, developed, support and stock our own brands as well as help you do the same with yours. Listed below are the Bullen brands and a short description for each. You can click on each one to be taken to their specific web page. Each Bullen brands products are the best in class of their category.

Made up of over 65 products, Truekleen covers all aspects of building and ground maintenance formulas. Truekleen has a product for all of your cleaning and sanitation needs. Truekleen is the Bullen house brand that can be combined with our other nationally known product lines for freight discounts.

Airx Laboratories
Airx Laboratories has been the choice for professionals for their solutions to total odor & pathogen control for over 30 years.No matter what type of foul odor you smell, we offer an AIRX solution to eliminate its root cause.
We are the only line of odor & pathogen control products that offers solutions in 3 dimensions, Airborne, Surface and Sub-Surface. By operating in 3-dimensions, we are able to deal with any odor & pathogen situation. If your current odor control products are only working in the air, they are missing the source of many odors.

Clausen Carpet Solutions
Clausen Carpet Solutions was founded by Gordon Clausen in the early 70's. Clausen Carpet cleaning products were the first to enable in house maintenance of facilities . Through training and a broad product offering, Clausen became one of the top carpet solutions companies in the USA. With the introduction of Stay Clean and its 4th generation encapsulation technology, it is the leader in low moisture carpet cleaning.

One Up Floor Care Systems
Originally known as the Solar System, One Up was the first high speed floor care program offered to the commercial floor maintenance market. Developed in the early 70's when high speed floor care meant 500 rpm electric machines the One Up line of products solved the problems created by the high temperature and abuse the new machines were subjecting the floors to. With the introduction of Megatron Floor Coating and Rehab Anti Slip Floor Cleaner  One up now can give a true 3 year life cycle to your floors.

e-clean Products 
Back in 1993, the president of the United States announced Executive Order 12873 entitled “Federal Acquisition, Recycling and Waste Prevention” and directed federal government purchasing authorities to show favor to products and services that “have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.”

The Bullen Companies has chosen to join with the EPA and their Design for the Environment program for all of our e-clean products. The Design for the Environment (DfE) Program is a voluntary partnership program that works directly with industry to integrate health and environmental considerations into business decisions. 

With the DfE program and Bullen's formulating expertise we have been able to make "green" products at non-"green" prices. Given the choice most users would prefer to use e-clean products.

E-Clean Products cover all your maintenance needs from floor care to carpet care and washroom maintenance with both environmentally preferable products as well as environmentally preferable packaging. 

Road Off Products
Road Off Products are formulated from the finest quality materials to insure that they deliver the best look, shine and protection with a professional touch. By using our products, you will find that they are far superior to anything else on the market today. We test and use all of our products against our own stringent  standards and those of our industry.