Brand check list:
Do you have a dedicated person in-house that handles marketing? If yes we need to talk to that person and get them involved in the private branding process from the start.
Do you have a target market that you sell to? 
This is important, a brand for the retail household market can be different than one for industrial or institutional products.

Do you have a brand or package design now that you would like us to use? If yes, can you supply us with digital versions of your logo or brand in the original application it was created with? (example: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, etc.) If no, we will need to sit down with you in person or via online video conferencing to discuss your ideas, concepts, likes and dislikes.
 After the brand concept creation is established we will need to know what package size it is going to be used on and what type of product. We can then prepare some package examples and marketing material to see how it would look and be used.

Do you currently have a website? If yes, is it hosted in house or do you outsource it? Are you able to update it internally? 
We can supply you with ready to place graphics, pdf files and the other content you will need.
For a more complete check list and to schedule an appointment with a Bullen brand and marketing person click here