Bullen State of the company 1st qtr 2019

We hosted our first State of the Company meeting last week (5/8/19) at the Bullen training center.. This is a follow up from our quarterly Traction meeting where upper management sets its personal and company rocks. After watching the video let us know If you have any questions.

Please keep this information confidential..

How to handle your credit, investment and maybe even your retirement

Here is a great podcast you can listen to about your money:

Chris Hutchins (ex-Google) is the go-to personal finance hacker for many executives in Silicon Valley. In this episode, we discuss how to select the best credit card for points, earning extra income with your house, how and when to retire (the 4% rule), budgeting tools, and his new startup, Grove.


Bullen Wildwood 2016 Selfie Contest

Below are the entries to the first Selfie contest at Bullen's Wildwood Company Outing!