2016 Medical Plan Update

Effective May 1st we will be renewing our medical insurance coverage with IBC. We arenot changing plans or anything that would require you to change doctors or any dramatic coverage differences. There is a change in the deductibles that you are responsible for that will take place May 1st.

Primary doctor visits are going from $25 to $30

Secondary or specialist’s visits are going from $50 to $60

These changes were required to keep the increased coverage cost to you and Bullen at a minimum. There will be a minor change in your weekly personal contribution but Bullen is going to cover that for the month of May so we can have a more comprehensive meeting later to give you all of the options on additional coverages and choices available. I will be traveling for business and trade shows and we also hope that Michelle Gaul who normally handles the medical will be back for a company meeting at the end of next month. Bullen will cover the additional cost associated with the plan for the month of May.

We also plan to have Jamie Arnold here for the same meeting to go over the 401K plan and new investment options.