Traction Report #2

We are pleased to announce that Alex Jarden has joined the Traction group. He attended our quarterly meeting where we all set new rocks and reviewed the score card for the year. Sales are flat but we have lots of new opportunities in the sales department that should generate some great numbers in the final 5 months!
I will be sitting in on your huddles upstairs as well as the office traction meetings over the next few months.

Scott Jarden

Traction Report #1

This is the first of many updates on the Traction process, also called EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). As you may know we have been using the EOS for over 2 years starting with the top management team. More than 2000 companies use Traction to strengthen the six key components of their business. Those components are:

• People
• Vision
• Data
• Issues
• Traction
• Process

We have started to expand Traction to the office with great success and now the plant as you have done in your "huddles". The ultimate goal is to have Traction teams in place covering all aspects of the company.

One of the things we do in our meetings is set goals for the company that includes a one, three and ten year plan. We each set quarterly rocks and cover issues weekly. Some of the things that have come out of our meeting in the past have been establishing the five core values and focus, the new vacation policy, the drug policy, the change to hiring our own sales force and much more.

As the president of Bullen it has be great for me to get feedback from the people around me on how to better serve the customers and help you the employees. Keep checking back for my next report.

Scott Jarden