Sales Blast - Sunday March 9th 2014

Last week we talked about a great order we got from a school system utilizing our Sanoverde and e-clean products (6000 pails). The unusual thing is the account keeps ordering stripper even though the program is supposed to eliminate the need for that step in maintaining the floors. When we asked the supervisors that handles the crews she said it is an old habit that is hard to break ???  We don't mind since they are buying the stripper from our distributor.

It reminded me of an article I read in the WSJ:  

Products Get Stronger As Scrubbers Insist On Using Elbow Grease; To Pre-Wash, or Not

Consumer-products makers are toughening soap formulas, adding bristles to brushes and reinforcing mop handles to stand up to these consumers.

scrubbing bubbles.jpg

As a result, cleaning has never been easier. Technological advances in formulas and tools make it possible to conquer most household grime with a flick of a wrist. As people in homes across the country spend less time cleaning, the dedicated scrubbers aren't convinced—and efforts to appease them are changing products for everyoneEven though the products are stronger the consumer still wants to do the extra work.

Is that what we are seeing with a school district who's bid request was for a no strip program that still purchases stripper even though they do not need to? Using new technology is some times is a challenge, no matter what it is. 

Here is the link:

Spring is coming very soon and as we said last week it is time to refinish all of those floors that got messed up this winter. We have a new finish that will be introduced in the coming weeks and we want to thank all of you that helped in the testing. What we have seen in our training center and confirmed with feedback from many end users is it has exceptional initial gloss, easy lay down and even better durability. The new product is part of the One Up floor care program and it is called Hypertron. It uses a new technology for cross linking that does not require metals, called Hyperlinking. If you would like product to get in your customers hands for testing let us know. We will be making a mailing and press release for the product shortly.