More Green with Your Green Cleaning Program!

Are you hesitating from implementing a green cleaning program, due to a perception the chemicals and products cost more money?

A green cleaning program actually saves you money... lots of money!    Yet, what holds back many organizations from moving forward with these programs, which offer significant benefits to building occupants, cleaning staff, and the environment is the feeling these programs are costly.   

15-20 years ago it was a fact, green cleaning programs were very costly, as the products used in such programs were costly and often did not perform as well as non-green products, and that was true whether you were comparing glass cleaner or paper towels.   The most common description of “green cleaning” was “using products which cost more money and do not work”.

Today, green cleaning products are often less costly, are offer high performance, and most of the cost savings are realized from new cleaning strategies and techniques.   Dave Fortin, of the Burlington, CT Public Schools comments in an article (Green Cleaning in Schools is Cost-Effective)“these green changes are making the job easier and safer for custodians as well as saving money.  You can go green and not impact the budget”.   He cites the experience of another school district in Florida:  “After saving $512.86 in one school over a 3 month pilot program, the Palm Beach County District began to phase in green cleaning in all of it's 180 schools in June 2008.  Projected annual savings for the entire district was $360,000”.  

To make the greatest impact on reducing cleaning costs, it is important to develop a comprehensive program, where every facet of your cleaning operations and processes is evaluated for possible change or upgrade.

Many green cleaning practices offer direct cost savings:

  • micro-fiber flat mopping systems
  • vacuums with high filtration systems
  • reducing the number of chemicals used in daily cleaning 
  • top scrub & recoat hard floor care programs
  • using chemical dilution control dispensing systems
  • effective entrance matting systems


Scott Jarden, the president of The Bullen Company, states:   “With an understanding of the benefits of green cleaning it has always been our goal to reduce the cost impact of having our customers adopt these programs, thus as well as offering consultative advice to schools and institutions on green cleaning strategies, we also manufacture high-performing, competitively priced green clean certified products with our e-Clean brand”.   

Green buildings are cleaner buildings and healthier buildings.   A major feature of any comprehensive green cleaning program is using techniques, which enhance the capture and removal of soils.   Many cleaning practices simply relocate dirt from one to another in the building.  Assuring dirt and soils, seen and unseen are effectively and safely removed from the air and building surfaces creates a much healthier building.

So hesitate no longer to your implementation of a green cleaning program.  The budget savings in both labor and supplies is often in the 30% range!!    ...and the additional benefits are significant enough to make impact in other areas of your operations.

Author:  Jack Collins, Regional Sales Manager, The Bullen Companies