Sunday Sales Blast 5/17/15

Are you GHS compliant?

From Bill Balek at the ISSA-

In just a matter of days the OSHA GHS effective date of June 1, 2015 will be upon us.

Safety Data Sheets.  Both distributors and manufacturers must ensure that their commercial and institutional customers are provided with a GHS compliant SDS with the initial shipment of a hazardous chemical product on or after June 1, 2015

Please note that OSHA allows for the electronic distribution of SDSs, including the internet.  However, in order to rely on that method of transmission, suppliers must get their downstream customers to “opt in”.  For a discussion of the circumstances under which OSHA will approve of the electronic distribution of SDSs, please review OSHA’s letter of interpretation.

Labels.  Effective June 1, 2015manufacturers of chemical products must ensure that “each container of hazardous chemicals leaving the workplace” and bound for commercial or institutional markets must be labeled consistent with the new GHS elements set forth in the OSHA Hazard Communication as revised by the GHS.

Bullen has up on its website all of our brand SDS sheets you can download and either print or email your customers. Our private brand customers will have their labels updated as they order (if they have ordered in the last month or so their labels were updated before production. Outer cases of GHS updated products will have a yellow rectangle with GHS compliant on it so you will know what is up to date and allow you to rotate your old  stock out. We will or have provided you with private brand SDS sheets.

Shining a Light on the Germs in Your Shoes

Ultraviolet sanitizers aim to get rid of the microorganisms that cause foot infections and make shoes smell bad.

The Ache: Shoes are a fertile breeding ground for microorganisms that cause infections such as athlete’s foot.
The Claim: Ultraviolet sanitizers can rid your shoes of infection-causing fungi and eliminate bacteria that make them smell bad.
The Verdict: One device has been found in a published study to reduce the levels of fungus in test pairs of athletic shoes and leather shoes. Scientists say further research is needed, particularly trials with humans showing that the devices have an impact in keeping feet free of infections when used over time. Despite a paucity of published data, podiatrists say the devices make a lot of sense, especially when used to prevent recurrence of infection after treatment.

Hospitals are doing studies using devices that do some of what these do with shoes. Who knows it maybe something that we all be using in our homes.... or not.
Here is the link for the full article:

Thats it for this week. Memorial day is next weekend and we will be taking a break from the SSB for one week.

Have great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden